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Panagarh, 12th June 2017
Two killed, 24 injured in 4 separate road mishaps

Panagarh, 7th March 2017,
New C-130J squardon complex inaugurated at Panagarh

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Panagarh, West bengal, India

Panagarh is the easternmost suburb of Durgapur, located in Kanksa police station of Durgapur subdivision in Bardhaman District of West Bengal. Panagarh Airport is very old. Both the Indian Army and Indian Air Force have their establishment in Panagarh. Some people recognized it as Panagarh Cantt. Kanksa in Panagarh is home to one of the oldest police stations in the area. In 1847, when Raniganj was constituted as a separate subdivision of Bardhaman district, it had three police stations under its jurisdiction - Raniganj, Kanksa and Neamatpur. The Shiva temple in Arra village within Kanksa police station area in Panagarh is an old one of the "rekh deul" category. There also is a suggestion that there possibly was an ancient city at this place in Panagarh.
Other notable monasteries of Pala period were Traikuta, Devikota (identified with ancient kotivarsa, 'modern Bangarh'), and Pandita vihara. Excavations jointly conducted by Archeological Survey of India and University of Burdwan in 1971-1972 to 1974-1975 yielded a Buddhist monastic complex at Monorampur, near Bharatpur via Panagarh Bazar in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. Click on the picture to enlarge.
monasteries of panagarh panchayat office of panagarh
Panagarh has a large military army base of Eastern command. Often it is recognized as Panagarh Army Cantt. Its vehicle depot and ammunition depot is largest military supplier in the country. It has air base of Eastern Air Command. The establishment was developed by the US army during World War II for what is known as the 'Over the Hump' operations against the Japanese. Today, after nearly 70 years, Panagarh in Burdwan is well on its way into being developed as a hub that will deal with the defences of states like Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). With routine incursions by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) reported from Arunachal Pradesh, the process to develop Panagarh has been expedited by the Army and Indian Air Force. The second lot of C-130J Super Hercules, that are to be procured by the IAF soon, will be stationed at Panagarh. Induction of the C-130J at Panagarh will enable IAF to mobilise troops to the forward eastern front in the shortest possible time. Lockheed Martin will build necessary infrastructure for the aircraft at Panagarh, as part of the package.

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