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Panagarh the emerging industrial hub of West Bengal, India

Panagarh is fast emerging as the industrial hub of West Bengal, India. Matix Fertiliser to IFB Agro, Indian Oil and many industries are already have there presence in Panagarh. The industrial park in Panagarh is already a success story. Many industries are lining up to have presence in the industrial park of panagarh. Panagarh has famous schools which date back to 1936. Many new colleges and other institutions have already grown in Panagarh. Find Panagarh on a map at the Bottom Links Panagarh google map. Satellite image Map showing the geographical location of Panagarh. Map of Panagarh will help you to locate the place easily. Also you will find PANAGARH city map, PANAGARH city road map, Panagarh hotels map. Panagarh Bypass map is provided on the page Panagarh Bypass.

Panagarh provides a wide range of opportunities to its residents and visitors from outside location. To accomplish the need of any information about Panagarh the website is launched. We have tried our best to provide the most vital information about Panagarh and we request our users to provide us their valuable suggestion to make the site a truly Panagarhian Website.

Panagarh in Google Earth map you will find like this
Panagarh in Google Earth

Panagarh in Google Map you will find like this,
Panagarh in Google Map