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Panagarh Bypass:

Panagarh bypass is recently the much talked about topic in Panagarh and throughout West Bengal and India. Lots of people are eager to know about Panagarh Bypass. Many people are also searching for Panagarh bypass map. We are providing Panagarh Bypass map here in the page. According to latest news of Panagarh bypass IL&FS Transportation Networks has emerged as the lowest bidder for Six-Laning of Barwa-Adda-Panagarh Section of NII-2 from km 398.240 to km 521.120 including Panagarh Bypass in the States of Jharkhand and West Bengal under NHDP Phase V to be executed on DBFOT Basis.
Panagarh Bypass is starting from Air Force station and ends just beside the Army base. See the Panagarh Bypass map to know more. Here we have provided two maps of Panagarh bypass. Click on the maps to enlarge
panagarh bypass Map panagarh bypass Map The Construction of Panagarh bypass has also been started and work is on progress, soon we will travel through Panagarh without any traffic congestion. Here is a picture of construction work in progress of Panagarh bypass. Click on the picture to enlarge. panagarh bypass work in Progress panagarh bypass work in Duck Banglow panagarh bypass now Completed