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panagarh Scrap market

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Panagarh scrap market

Panagarh - The scrap vehicles graveyard of West Bengal, India This town in Burdwan district of West Bengal survives on the huge vehicle and ammunition depots run by the army, apart from an air force base and a smattering of army units.
However, its claim to fame is the vehicle depot, the largest of its kind in India, which regularly disgorges old vehicles of the three services Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy.
Panagarh scrap market From Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles to Mahindra utility vehicles, from Shaktiman trucks to Ashok Leyland Stallions, jeeps & even Tatra tank transporters, they can all be spotted along the National Highway -2 or in yards belonging to scrap dealers, waiting for customers or to be cut up and sold to the many iron and steel mills in the neighbourhood. The enterprising scrap dealers of Panagarh also source old vehicles from government departments and paramilitary forces all over the eastern and north-eastern regions.
All these vehicles are what the Armed Forces call Class V. They have reached the end of their service life either because they have served their allotted number of years or have covered their allotted mileage, or both. Yet, some vehicles are in decent shape and require only basic repairs to become roadworthy again. While the dealers are unwilling to disclose how much they pay for the vehicles, they admit that profits soar ahead of elections.
Scrap dealers of Panagarh have been receiving orders even from agents in Delhi's Mayapuri, who, in turn, sell abandoned utility vehicles and motorcycles in northern India.
The panagarh vehicle depot itself auctions around 100 vehicles a year, according to Subroto Biswas, a former deputy commandant of the Vehicle Depot, Panagarh. "Other than this, vehicles from depots in north Bengal and Assam also find their way to the dealers at Panagarh," says Biswas.
Dealers claim they buy 400-500 vehicles a year from the defence services, but how many they normally manage to recondition and sell couldn't be ascertained.
Panagarh army auction is of great importance to the scrap dealers of West Bengal and India. Generally panagarh military vehicles are action very year giving prior notice.

Panagarh bike

Panagarh bike: Panagarh is the graveyard for army vehicles completed their lifespan. Army put auction for the vehicles and we may find old army bullet, royal enfield Bullet, bullet 350's & maruti gypsies over there. Scrap dealers purchase those vehicles then refurbish them as required and competitively charged and changed we can get a refurbished bullet with alloy wheels, paint job, new tyres, new battery & with overhauled engine at a price of 55-60,000/- . If we deduct the alloy wheel price is of 40-45,000/-. Once overhauled they look like the showroom.
You have to keep updated information for panagarh bike auction or mainly panagarh bullet auction which are mainly called panagarh army bullet.

Panagarh jeep market

Panagarh jeep market Lots of google search is on Panagarh jeep market, panagarh jeep price, panagarh jeep auction, panagarh car auction, panagarh military vehicles and panagarh vehicle. Seeing the importance of this piece of information we have tried to provide all information required by the users. Panagarh Jeep Auction is mainly of Maruti Gypsies used by the Indian army. The jeep price are variable as you have to bargain with the scrap dealers and mechanics and directly related to the condition of the jeeps.