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Trains in Panagarh

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Panagarh Railway Station, Station Code - PAN, Zone - Eastern Railways (ER) comes in the New delhi Howrah route is very significant due to presence of Air Force and Army Base.Bullet-train Though small station still maximum no of trains passing through Panagarh Rail Station stops here But the life line of this industrial belt is the MEMU train that runs between Burdwan Durgapur Asansol and you can travel by trains from Panagarh to Durgapur, Panagrh to Asansol and Panagarh to Burdwan, Panagarh to Andal, Panagarh to Raniganj, Panagarh to Galsi, Panagarh to Khana and nearby Rail stations by train. Details are given in the pictures below.

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Trains from Panagarh
(panagarh to howrahtrain) (panagarh to asansol train) train) and (panagarh to durgapur train) train)
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time
53141 Kolkata Jasidih Passenger 02:01 02:02 1 min
53139 Kolkata Deogharh Passenger 02:01 02:02 1 min
53049 Howrah-Mokama-Passenger 02:21 02:22 1 min
23010 Doon Express (Kotdwar to Howrah) 03:17 03:19 2 min
12342 Agnibina Express (Asasol to Howrah} 06:25 06:26 1 min
12340 Coalfield Express (Dhanbad to Howrah) 08:03 08:04 1 min
53046 Mayurakshi Fast Passenger (Rampurhat to Howrah) 08:31 08:32 1 min
13317 Black diamond Express (Howrah to Dhanbad) 08:38 08:39 1 min
12322 Kolkata Mail (Mumbai to Howrah) 09:23 09:25 2 min
13051 Hool Express (Howrah to Suri) 09:26 09:27 1 min
13020 Bagh Express (Kathgodam to Howrah) 09:42 09:44 2 min
53131 Sealdah Muzaffarpur Fast Passenger 09:43 09:44 1 min
53140 Deoghar Kolkata Passenger 10:16 10:17 1 min
53142 Jasidih Kolkata Passenger 10:16 10:17 1 min
13050 Amritsar Howrah Express 12:07 12:09 2 min
13007 Toofan Express (Howrah to Sri Ganganagar) 12:15 12:16 1 min
13152 Sealdah Express (Jammu Tawai to Kolkata) 12:55 12:57 2 min
13151 Jammu Tawi Express (Kolkata to Jammu Tawai) 14:08 14:09 1 min
13052 Hool Express (Suri to Howrah) 15:22 15:23 1 min
13008 Toofan Express (Sri Ganganagar to Howrah) 16:07 16:09 2 min
13049 Amritsar Express (Howrah to Amritsar) 16:58 16:59 1 min
13318 Black Diamond Express (Dhanbad to Howrah) 18:32 18:33 1 min
13021 Mithila Express (Howrah to Raxaul) 18:47 18:48 1 min
53045 Mayurakshi Fast Passenger (Howrah to Rampurhat) 18:57 18:58 1 min
12339 Coal Field Express (Howrah to Dhanbad) 19:08 19:09 1 min
12341 Agnibina Express (Howrah to Asansol) 20:08 20:09 1 min
53050 Mokama Howrah Passenger 22:18 22:19 1 min
13009 Doon Express (Howrah to Kotdwar) 23:15 23:16 1 min
12321 Howrah Mumbai Mail (Howrah to Mumbai) 23:49 23:50 1 min

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We are providing information about Panagarh Railway Station, West Bengal - Trains From and To Panagarh Railway Station. Find all information about Panagarh Railway Station, West Bengal. If you are planning for a tour or travel to Panagarh by train, get complete information about Panagarh train, Panagarh Train station, nearby railway stations and nearest airport to Panagarh, distance to Panagarhfrom major indian cities and most of all, list of trains to Panagarh. Route Map of trains to Panagarh along with Panagarh station location map. We are providing the list of trains like Trains from Panagarh to Durgapur train, panagarh to Howrah train and Panagarh to Asansol train. Nearby cities Durgapur and Asansol are well connected with trains to Panagarh. Kolkata the capital city of West Bengal is also connect with Panagarh through rails from Howrah Station to Panagarhand Sealdah to Panagarh train. Burdwan another important city of West Bengal India is also well connected with Panagarh through panagarh to burdwan local train and various express trains. We have provided the current train time of local and express train to Howrah, Burdwan, Durgapur, Asansol and Dhanbad.

Near By Airports to Panagarh Railway Station
  • Closest Airport to Panagarh Railway Station is Panagarh Airport just 3 Km.
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, Andal, Durgapur is 35 Km.
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport . Kolkata is 135 Km.