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Tourist attractions of Panagrh is no different from other part of the West Bengal. Tourism is slowly picking up in this area. Number of tourist increasing every year. we are providing deatails of the places where to visit. We are providing the details of Trains and Busses in Panagarh. Lodging- Hotels in Panagarh, Dining- Restaurants in Panagarh, Places of Interest in Panagarh, Social clubs of Panagarh and Shopping in Panagarh. We have also provided the details of Parks Picnic Spots and Other Tourism Spots in and around Panagarh.
Important numbers related to Tourism in Panagarh
Forest - 0343-2537229
Forest Lodge Booking- Sastri Avenue, Bidhannagar, Ph- 0343-2533354
For Booking of any tour of West Bengal Government Tourism Development Corporation - Contact:- Pathik Motel:- 0343-2546399 / 09732100930

Tourism from Panagarh to its nearest places:

  1. Deul - Ma Shyama Rupa Mandir
  2. Rondhia
  3. Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Bolpur- Shantiniketan
  5. Sabuj Bon
  6. Bhalkimachan
  7. Lahmeyer Park (Now Nehru Park)
  8. Bathanbari
  9. Maithon
  10. Mama Bhagne Pahar
  11. Susunia
  12. Ayodhya Hill

Deul Park :- Nestled in the bank of River Ajoy, the Deul Park is highly famed as the treasured asset of the famous Gopraj Ishwar Ghosh, locally called Ichai Ghosh. The site boasts of its scenic landscape, offering the perfect ambience for enjoying a weekend tour beside Ajoy River.
Places to see near Deul Park: The thick Garh forest in Durgapur presents a perfect backdrop for the winding Ajoy River, offering a visual splendor to the tourists. The area is also frequented by herds of elephants from Birbhum located nearby. The site of Kenduli Mela where hundreds of Bauls visit during the fair is situated on the opposite side of the river. Kenduli is the birthplace of the famous poet Jaydev/Joydeb and home to a number of age-old terracotta temples of Radha Madhav. You can also explore the Garh jungle and the historical site, where Icchai Ghosh was defeated in a war by Lausen. A visit to a huge tower made from bricks and a dilapidated temple will add a hint of adventure to your trip.
From Deul Park, you can visit the nearby Maa Shyamarupa mandir 4 km from Deul Park and 3.5 km from Muchipara-Shibpur Road. This terracotta temple houses 10 armed idol of Shyamarupa made of Marbel stone, and was built more than 1000 years ago.
You can also visit Shantiniketan, Bhalki Machan, Bolpur within a couple of hours from Deul Park by car.
Things to do at Deul Park: You can spot out clusters of folk singers along the riverbank of Ajoy where you can spend some of your leisure time savoring their soulful songs. Enjoy a unique experience walking along the Garh Forest and discovering the ruins of age old temples. Your kids can enjoy a few rides within the resorts laws and fun parks. You van laze in the resort's lawns, enjoy angling and spend some leisure time along the river.
How to reach Deul Park: The journey to Deul Park is not at all difficult. Take any Express bus from Kolkata heading to Durgapur following the Expressway and drop down at the Darjeeling More stop located in Panagarh. From there, by travelling any bus going to Suri, reach a place called Choddo Mile, which is located at a distance of 9 km from Deul Park. You can easily cover this distance by a van or a rickshaw. You can also avail a direct bus from Kolkata to Suri. You can also make a prior arrangement with the resort for a car, which will pick you from Panagarh or Darjeeling more to Deul Park.
Best time to visit Deul Park: Deul Park is suitable to visit all the year round, though it is better to avoid the monsoon.
Lodging facilities at Deul Park: A tourist resort ExSeM Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd offers decent accommodation here.
ExSeM A multipurpose Agri-Horti-Flori-Animal husbandry and Eco-Tourism Project at DEUL PARK at Durgapur District Burdwan, West Bengal. AC Cottage with Conference Room facility, ideal Spot for Picnic and Corporate and Family Weekend Refreshment.
Deul park cottage near, Panagarh Ichhai Ghosh Tomb in Deul near, Panagarh Deul park cottage in Deul near, Panagarh Deul park cottage in Deul near, Panagarh Deul park Zoo in Deul near, Panagarh Deul Eco tourism in Deul near, Durgapur Room Tariff of Deul Park Eco Resort ---
Room Type               Person Allowed               RATE
A.C Cottage                   2                   Rs. 1000/ Day per Room
A.C Room                     2                     Rs. 800/ Day
Non A.C Standard           2                   Rs. 600/ Day
Non A.C Room Normal     2                   Rs. 450/ Day
Non A.C Deluxe               6                   Rs. 2000/ Day
Non A.C Dormitory           5                   Rs. 1000/- Day
Hall Room For Conference 60                 Rs. 3500/- Day
                              Extra Bed Rs. 250/ - Day
Contact Address and Ph No for booking:-
Durgapur office: Shayam Vila, J. K. Paul More, Benachity, Durgapur-13 Ph: 91 - 09331313336
Kolkata office : 164/D/1, Lake Gardens, Kolkata: 700045, Ph: - 033 - 32993336

Randiha:-Randiha is a homely tourist spot in the Durgapur subdivision of Burdwan district, about 10km from Panagarh on NH2 and about 19km downstream the Durgapur barrage. A quaint town on the banks of the Damodar, Randiha offers a beautiful mix of greenery and water. You can spend the mornings with endless cups of tea, listening to the chirping of birds. The quiet of the place makes one aware of the sounds of nature. One can find trees laden with fruits taken over by flocks of woodpeckers, parrots, bulbuls and kingfishers. The expansive Randiha dam is spectacular. The vigorous waves of the waters of the dam bore on the fishermen who braved the churning waters for an occasional catch in their homemade nets. It was amazing to see them feel their way around in the treacherous waters with their nets and bundle them up their thrashing catch, an assortment of silver carp, rohu and tilapia fishes. In 1932, the Anderson weir was constructed at Randiha. With this, irrigation facilities reached the lower Damodar basin. This was even before the construction of dams by means of the diversion weir on the Damodar and Eden canal to the extent of 890 sq km in the districts of Burdwan and Hooghly. At night, the sleepy town turns even quieter and one can hear the night birds. The crickets accentuate the silence.
How To Reach Randiha is very easily reachable from Panagarh. Number of Buses are there from Panagrh to Randiha. Other than Bus Taxi and Auto is also available. If you have a private car you also must visit Khetrapal Baba Mandir on the way back.
Lodging The bungalow of the West Bengal government's irrigation and waterways department is the only place with proper facilities. Book at the department's regional office in Burdwan town or Durgapur.

Rondhia, Near Panagarh Rondhia -Dam, Near Panagarh Rondhia Dam Waterways, Near Panagarh

Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary :-Ramnabagan Mini Zoo within the Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary spread over an area of 14.31 ha. The place is under the control of Divisional Forest Officer, Burdwan Division. In the year 1960, the area was declared Reserved Forest. The entire area, in the year 1978, had been converted to a Deer Park with the introduction of 6 nos. of spotted deer.The major attraction of the sanctuary is for its varied vegetation and fauna.Chital and Barking deer were introduced here since its inception in 1978. Present population of chital (spotted deer), black buck, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Crocodile, Peafowl, Adjutant Stork, Rosy Pelican and many others. Common langurs are abundant in the zoo area. Parakits, Cuckoos, Storks, Snakes, Mongooses, Owls, Spotted Dove and differently commonly seen birds like martins have remarkable habitation in this Sanctuary cum Mini Zoo area.
Flora: Vegetation of this area includes Teak and Sal trees and plants like Kadbels, Dumur, and Jam etc.
Fauna: The sanctuary includes animals like Chital and Barking Deer, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Crocodile, Peafowland Black Buck.Parakits, Cuckoos, Storks, Snakes, Mongooses, Owls, Spotted Dove and other birds are also spotted here.
Best time to visit: October to march.
Accommodation: Forest rest house is accessible for convenience. Ramnabagan, Panagarh Ramnabagan, Panagarh Ramnabagan, Near Panagarh Ramnabagan, Panagarh Ramnabagan, Panagarh Ramnabagan, Near Panagarh

Mankar,Amrar Garh and Jamuna Dighi:- Mankar ,This village is stated to be one of the hide-outs of the Pandavas during their Agyatbasa has a very old temple with idols of the Pandavas. Mankar One of the largest villages in the state and also in India. It is a place of high historical and mythological importance. There also exist three Siva Temples. Amrar Garh ,The capital of King Mahindranath around the 11th century. The remains of Fort can be seen here. Jamuna Dighi ,Jamuna Dighi in Burdwan, West Bengal is just 7km from Mankar Railway station on the Howrah-Delhi Main route of Eastern Railway and 13km from Paraj on National Highway-2, near Panagarh. It offers the ideal destination for a nice weekend. Green paddy fields on either side of the road, and the plenty of sirish, mango, jackfruit and sishu trees provide a welcome change from the city scenery. A sprawling 25 hectares in Jamuna Dighi is used for pisciculture under the State Fisheries Development Corporation. Thirty-nine ponds, each spread over 22-25 bighas have been dug for the purpose. Big fishes like rui, katla and mrigel are cultivated here. The fisheries department also maintains a garden here. A part of the area has been turned into a tourist spot. Former office buildings have been transformed into rest houses, with modern facilities. Amrapali Tourist Complex offers good accommodation. Boating facilities make the stay special. Seven km from Jamuna Dighi lies Valki forest. The huge forest, which begins at Jamuna Dighi, crosses Bengal and enters Jharkhand. It gets thicker on its way to Panagarh and was once infested with bears.

The forest has a story. Nearly 300 years ago a wise king lived in the area. Once he and his queen, who was pregnant, were travelling through the forest when the two got separated from each other. Days passed and the queen gave birth to a boy. But she did not survive and the child was saved by bears. The king, still searching for his queen, heard a child's cries in the forest. He realised that the child was his and brought him back to the palace. When this child became king he had three daughters -Jamuna, Sweta and Kalindi. Jamuna Dighi was named after the eldest daughter. While walking through the forest, one can see the sunlight playing on the dense foliage. One has to be cautious about the monkeys, though. Wildcats can also be seen. The sun setting behind tall trees is an enchanting experience and the silence is punctuated by the calls of elephants from the Dalma forest.
mankar, Panagarh mankar1, Panagarh Jamuna Dighi1, Near Panagarh

Bolpur-Santineketan:- Bolpur-Santineketan is one of the perfect weekend gateway destinations for the people who are eagar to travel to rural Bengal . The red soil of Birbhum, the green forest, the fresh air, the beautiful scenario of the rivers Kopai and Ajoy attract travelers by its own beauty.
Rabindranath Tagore's Visva-Bharati Vishyavidyalaya is the main attraction of the place. It is an International University and a great center of Oriental education and culture.
Bolpur :- Bolpur is one of the sub-division of Birbhum district. It consists of Bolpur- Sriniketan, Nanoor, Labpur and Ilambazar blocks.

Sabuj Bon:- Sabuj Bon is ideal for a weekend trip near Bolpur Santiniketan. It is one of the top tourist attractions near Santiniketan in Birbum district. Sabuj Bon is a village resort nested deep within the village of Rasulpur in Panchsowa Gram Panchayat in Birbhum district. The resort is situated within the village and on the banks of the river Ajay. Sabuj Bon is about 23 km from Panagarh, 13 km from Bolpur and about 15 km from Santiniketan. Travelers may enjoy an excellent staying there also.
The most beautiful and charming thing you find in Sabuj Bon is the greenery within it. The well maintained garden with various known and unknown flowers and plants will charm anybody. The garden already has more than one lakh of plants within it. There are a couple of ponds within the compound. There is a big dining space covered are by the side of one such pond. The dining space is a platform build of bamboos. There are pools over the ponds made of bamboos.
Within a huge compound, the accommodation is mud huts with straw covered thatched roof. The rooms are designed in form of village cottages. The rooms are clean, cool and simple but specious with attached toilets. Rooms are available in many conditions and tariffs like AC triple bedded Cottage, AC Double bedded Cottage, Double bedded Cottage, Four bedded Cottage.

Bhalki Machan:-Bhalki Machan is an upcoming off-beat weekend destination near Bardhaman in West Bengal. good picnic and as well as a weekend gateway option for the people of Durgapur, Asansol, Haldia as well nearness to Kolkata makes it easily accessible and provides an easy option of having a calm weekend amidst greenery and natural surroundings.
Balki Machan Forest, Near Durgapur Bhalki Machan Pond, Near Durgapur Bhalki Machan Temple, Near Durgapur The ruins of a tower or machan overlook a small waterhole where the unsuspecting animals were shot by the royalty. Perhaps in memory of the bears that lost their lives, the panchayat has erected a concrete model of a Indian sloth bear close to the pond. According to a legend, a tunnel beneath the machan leads straight to a secret passage opening at the Rajbari in Burdwan, about 25km away.
Things to do at Bhalki Machan: You can walk around the forest area and spend time near the lake. You can also visit the nearby ruins and laze on the resort's lawns. Boating facility has added further charm to the place. Boating leisurely in the waters with your family and loved ones is bound to be a memorable experience.
How To Reach Take a car or bus via the Durgapur Expressway and take a diversion near Galsi. Alternatively, take a train from Howrah, preferably the Black Diamond, and get down at Mankar station. You'll get buses and other transport to Bhalkimachan.
Lodging The Bhalki Machan resort maintained by the Aushgram Panchayat is the first option. Adequate local Bengali cuisine delicacies are all set to mesmerize you. For booking contact at - 03452-212056. The State Fisheries Development Corporation resort at Jamunadighi (03452-45300/9474787643) is the other option. Beside there is decent accommodation facility offered by the well-furnished lodges built on the sides of the water body.

Burnpur Nehru Park, Near Panagarh Burnpur Nehru Park side view, Near Panagarh Burnpur Nehru Park another view, Near Panagarh

Nehru Park:- Nehru Park also known as Lahmeyer Park is on the banks of the Damodar River in Burnpur in Bardhaman district. The park was formally named Riverside Park when laid out by a German general manager of IISCO named F.W.A.Lahmeyer. In the birth centenary year (1989) of Jawaharlal Nehru, it was renamed Nehru Park.
The park was developed on the banks of the Damodar, retaining the undulating terrain of the area. A small stream flows through the park. The slopes have been utilised to develop gardens and walkways. A musical fountain has been added and is operated on weekends and Thursdays. There is a restaurant in the park and picnic spots are earmarked. There is a nominal entrance fee. One big pond is there inside the park with boating arrangement for the visitors. Big Grass Crap fishes are found inside the pond. To Reach It is about 14 km from Asansol railway station. Taxis and auto rickshaws can be hired at Asansol/ Burnpur. Minibuses plying from Asansol up to Riverside (via Burnpur) drop/pick up visitors near the park entrance gate.

Boating at Bathanbari, near Durgapur

Bathanbari:- Bathanbari is an ideal picnic spots for weekend picnic destination for the people of Panagarh. Bathanbari's beauty came to the notice in recent years, it developed as the most preferred picnic destination for the people of Panagarh.
Bathanbari is located in the Bengal-Jharkhand border and its main attraction is River Damodar. At Bathanbari, stored water of Maithan Dam has created a huge lake with hills of Chotanagpur plateau in the back drop. The beauty of the place is awesome. Greenery of the hills, crystal clear water of the lake, eucalyptus trees providing shadow and facilities for picnicking - all these have transformed this place as an ideal picnic spot.
Things to do at Bathanbari: Do not miss to have a boat ride in Bathanbari. Sailing leisurely on the placid water of the lake with your loved ones will certainly be a memorable experience.
Best time to visit: During winter months of December, January and February.
To Reach It is about 80 Km from Panagarh. From Panagarh take NH 2 and proceed towards Asansol. Do not enter Asansol, remain on NH 2 and proceed towards Dhanbad. At Dendua More crossing leave NH 2 and take the road going towards Chittaranjan. Proceed for another 10 -12 Km and reach Ahladi More. Take left turn and ask locals to reach Bathanbari.

Maithon , near Durgapur

Maithon:-Maithon Dam, of the Damodar Valley Corporation is one of the most accomplished and successful river valley projects of India, which was a part of the First Five Year Plan after India's independence. The unique feature of this Hydel Power Station is that it is located underground in the left bank of the river and is the first of its kind in India. The name has been derived from Maithan or Mai-Ka-Than(Hindi) or Ma-Er-Than(Bangla), The place of Mai or Ma or mother, refers to Goddess Durga or Ma Kalyaneswari of the famous Kalyaneswari temple, 500 hundred year old, just 6 km away from the Maithon dam. On the way to Maithon you can also visit the famous Gagarburi Temple. It is famous for a natural stream crossing near it with a heavy froth layer on the stream.
Things to do at Maithon: Boating on the lake water of Maithan and viewing the scenic beauty of the hills nearby is an wonderful experience. Picnics are also organized by many tourist groups in the small islands. Recently water scooters and speed boats has been introduced which attracts many tourists.
Best time to visit: During winter months of December, January and February. Also can be visited during monsoon
To Reach Distance between Durgapur and Maithon is 68 KM (kilometers). or 42.6 miles. Just straight way drive through Durgapur Express way, NH-2 and reach Asansol. You can also go through the bypass just before entering Asansol.
To Stay Maithan has a tourist lodge on a hilltop overlooking the dam and lake. Dining facilities are excellent here, which mainly comprises ethnic Bengali cuisine. The standard facilities include AC / non AC rooms, Dining Hall, lawn and others.
Majumdar Niwas on a island on a lake is of great experience. for booking: 033-23332115. Other good staying option is Shanti Niwas 033-26530833, Hotel Maithon-0341-2521405, Forest Rest House (Bono Bungalow)- can be booked from Durgapur-0343-2537229.

Mama Bhagne Pahar near Panagarh

Mama Bhagne Pahar:- Mama Bhagne Pahar is also known as Pahareswar. It is located at the outskirt of Dubrajpur town. Here two boulders are found in a hanging situation. It is a pair of almost spherical natural boulders of granite rock, one balancing on the top of other. The balancing of the rocks are so surprising that it is a famous landmark in West Bengal, where it is known as Mama Bhagne ( the uncle and the nephew ). The site has a number of boulders splintered across the place.
According to local people these 2 boulders were crossing over this area but as morning is shown these 2 boulders dropped on this place. At the base of the rocks is a temple of Shiva entitled Pahareswar. At present a children park has been built which draw many visitors annually. Bakreswar, Patharchapuri, Hetampur Rajbari are nearest touring spots from here.

susunia hill Bankura near, Durgapur Susinia Trek, Bankura near Panagarh Susunia Camp, Bankura near Panagarh Susunia Pahar, near Durgapur Susunia Fall, Bankura near Panagarh Susunia Rock near, Durgapur

Susunia:-Susunia is 1500 feet high hill of southern West Bengal, India, situated at the north-western part of Bankura District. It is often believed that Raja Chandra Varma had once built his fort on this hill. With plenty of natural beauty in the form of cascading waterfalls, plenty of greenery and river Gandheshwari flowing down the hill, Susunia gives out a picture perfect look and the rock faces are for the mountaineer's joy.
It is one of the rich reserves of medicinal plants. Susunia Hill is a known archeological and fossil site. Fossil remains of lion, giraffe, hyena and many other animal species have been discovered from areas around. The so claimed 'oldest' rock inscription of West Bengal is located here. There is an ancient carved monolith (Narasingha stone) standing at the point where the spring water is coming out of another stone gargoyle or curved projected spout.
There is a well maintained guest house of Susunia Gram Panchayat named "Aranyak", which could be booked in advance. It is well situated to offer great views of the adjacent hill and vast tracts of undulated landscape. It has four rooms, one AC, one non AC, one with common bath and a dormitory type with three beds.
Contact No. for bookings : 03242-234201 .
Also in line is the upcoming project of an ecological park situated at the very foothills, which will have two to six independent cottages along with a conference hall and a restaurant & open air theatre. Two cottages are already finished and gates will be opened soon for lodgers. The entire park will be based upon solar electrification. Also it is expected that within the month of January 2013, the guest house of the Local panchayat samiti will be completed and opened for tourists.
Things to do in Susunia: Apart from enjoying the serenity of Susunia, you can indulge in trekking or rock climbing.
How to reach in Shushunia: By train from Howrah to Purulia bound and get down at Chatna. From there, Shushunia is only 9 kilometers. By Bus: Catch many buses from Durgapur, Kharagpur and Bankura Town.

Ayodhya Hill :-Purulia offers tourists not just places of religious and cultural interest, but also sites wherein one can have fun and frolic. To cater to the needs of explorers and adventure lovers, the place extends tourist a perfect destination to practice mountaineering and rock climbing - Ayodhya Hill. Around 700 m high, the hill is a perfect blend of pristine nature and rich mythological interests. The place is also famous for its fresh water springs and stream.